Born in 1971 / Living in Kyoto,Japan

I started playing the piano at a young age. In addition to piano, drums and I Biwa,shinobue, also playing the shamisen. In the past, a drums player, I have experience in various parts of Europe made the tour.

Actually I am a descendant of a ninja from the Warring States period that follows, I amalso a ninja. Old ninja was using a variety of weapons besides swords, ninja now no longer have to fight, with the instrument switched weapons. This is why I can play over 10 different instruments.

I usually have to live in traditional Japanese kimono, playing in the Komuso dressedsometimes. So, I Komuso Ninja (COMSO-NINJA) are also called. Komuso is that themonks traveling the country while blowing a shakuhachi. Komuso feature of the faceis not visible because they suffered a big straw hat.

I replaced the weapons with the instrument, is now spread all over the world of traditional Japanese instruments, through music, have traveled the world to achieve apeaceful world without war.

Ninja is also a messenger of peace today without a weapon.

The full moon night  I'm praying for world peace blowing shakuhachi.
I hope to reach people around the world the sound of peace.